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Great Dan Tankaglé Mask (N° 18280)

This African dan mask is equipped with an extended hood of a sumptuous textile and feather adornment on which are attached cauris, sheep horns and raffia. The dancer wearing this mask is called takanglé. A beautifully bulging forehead, protruding cheekbones, stretched eyelids giving a half-closed look considered feminine, the nose delicate, luscious lips. Abraded polychrome patina. Height on a base: 58 cm.
This is as a result of dreams in which spirits manifested themselves that the masks were sculpted according to precise indications in order to be honored through their apparitions. The Dans also sculpt, according to the soothsayer's indications, miniature masks on the model of large masks. They are worn in amulets by children. Dan masks, of varied design, usually occur during very theatrical entertainment parties where women play a leading role. The mask says 'mocker' called Deanglé defines an ideal of beauty and benevolence because it is carved in honor of young girls of the village or famous men. Each of the masks had a name related to its function. Also used during circumcision rites, they appear in the company of and large masks go ge reasative society go , which exercises justice and maintains social stability.

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Originex-collection française
Countrycôte d'ivoire
Material(s)wood cauris, plumes, textile, raphia
Weight1.70 Kg
Estimated dating2ème halfxx°
Socle includedYes

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African art - Great Dan Tankaglé Mask
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