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Ivory Coast Monkey Mask (N° 13831)

Ex-Belgian African art collection.
This sacred African mask, of conjuring, comes from one of the many Baoulé cults that would include seven masks.  It is the powerful embodiment of a force being U-002amwin".  This mask could be related to harvest ceremonies.  Animal masks always accompanied the portrait masks.
This model has a plastron trimmed with raffia fibers that concealed the ties of the dancer's costume.
According to the mythology baoulé , a royal ancestor had to sacrifice his son to cross a river. This event is the origin of the name of the Baoulé , Bauli ,"The son died". They make up the majority of Côte d'Ivoire's population. Artists of African art have produced very elegant and diverse works, including many masks.  There are also so-called "entertainment masks that are danced during specific festivities. These objects, whose characteristics are marked by the Senoufo influence, have several names, including aboya or mbotumbo and belong to the group of "êtres-force" or amwin , intermediaries between God and men and given to the Baoulé by their Creator, as well as the sacred masks whose wide gaping jawtheyed. It would also be a minor deity named aboya . For propitiatory purposes, these sculptures were to constitute the interior of the spirits to which offerings were offered and on which libations were practiced. The sculptures were kept in the villages, but the ritual practices took place in the bush, and sometimes in the centre of the village.
"Baule, African Art Western Eyes" Susan M. Vogel; "Baule" A-M. Boyer," The Soul of Africa", Diakonoff.  

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Originex-collection belge
Countrycôte d'ivoire
Material(s)wood, plant fibre
Weight1.60 Kg
Estimated datingcontemporain
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