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Kuba/ Kété heaume mask (N° 13520)

"The people of the lightning and African tribal art
Despite the presence of criteria reminiscent of the great Royal Mask Kuba, this African mask is equipped with horns that would identify it as a variant of ngulungu masks (antelope). He appeared at the end of the male initiation rites to celebrate the return of young people to the community. Polychrome linear patterns pierce under a blackish patina, the mask having been visibly repainted for a new ritual. An embroidered cauris stripe borders the base of the object. Mate patina, irregular surface. Lack on the end of a horn. The Kuba kingdom was founded in the 16th century by the Bushoong which are still ruled today by a king. The most prolific group of West Kasai African art, the Kuba, or lightning people, living in the southern part of central R.D.C., and comprising eighteen groups whose Bushoong and Shoowa , have developed their art around the royal person. This prestigious culture has been made famous by large royal masks, elaborate prestige objects used as bargaining chips between groups. Similarly, the royal statuettes Ndop depicting the chiefs nyim and the Kasaï" velvet studs, raffia fiber fabrics, are also famous. . More than twenty types of tribal masks are used in the Kuba or " lightning people", with meanings and functions that vary from group to group. The ritual ceremonies were an opportunity to display the decorative arts and masks, in order to honor the spirit of the deceased or to honor the king. Three types of Kuba masks have been associated with dances that take place in the royal enclosure: the first, called Moshambwooy , represents Woot, the founder of the Bushoong subtribe, the hero of culture. The second, known Nady Amwaash (Ngaady Un Mwash), plays Woot's wife/sister, a character who was reportedly introduced to give more importance to the role of women. The third mask is called Bwoom.  

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Originex-collection suisse
Material(s)wood, cauris, fibres de raphia
Weight1.10 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1960
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