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Large Markha mask of the N'tomo (N° 19057)

This African mask of the Marka people has a tubular face rising from a large forehead with stylized excrescences, interlocking animal figures and small parallel horns. Specificity of the sculptures marka, the metal in the form of engraved strips and long rods framing the nose, is associated with wood. Matte light brown patina, velvety . Slightly oxidized metal.
In African art, the Marka , Maraka in Bamana, Warka , or Sarakolé, are Muslim city-dwellers of Soninke origin, established in the south of Niger, scattered since the end of the empire of Ghana in Mali, Mauritania and Senegal. They now speak Bamana and have adopted many of the Bambara traditions, such as the Ntomo and Kore, initiation societies that used masks in their ceremonies. The sculptors of Bambara and Marka African art are part of the Numuw , which are not ethnically bound and are free to settle wherever they wish.  

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Material(s)wood, metal
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