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Large bedu Nafana mask (N° 18155)

This flat African mask, always topped with a disc or arched horns, offers geometric surfaces whose vegetable coating reduces polychromy. In the form of an abstract sculpture, he possessed the peculiarity of performing as a couple. Three orifices have been set up for the dancer's vision. Symbols of abundance and fertility, these masks of Nafana origin (northeastern Côte d'Ivoire and northwestern Ghana) were released during ceremonies related to the agrarian rites zaurau. The cult Bedu according to Bravmann, in a village nafana and spread to Kulango and Mandish-speaking communities such as the Hwéla. This new type of masks appeared around 1930 following the prohibition by the colonial authorities of large flat masks linked to a secret society that was supposed to fight witchcraft and infertility. During its manifestations, infertile women or those whose children are sick would be invited to touch this mask in order to soak up its regenerating power. Ref. : " African Masks, the Other Face Ed. Adam Biro  

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Originex-collection art africain française.
Countrycôte d'ivoire
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African art - Large bedu Nafana mask
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