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Mangbetu Mask (N° 19260)

Ex-collection German African art.

Ample African mask of the Mangbetu, topped with the traditional flared hairstyle. Erosions. Satin reddish patina. Missing on the lower contour. Exorbed pupils for this Mangbetu mask representing a state of trance. The geometrical tracings evoke the body paintings and tribal scarification of the Mangbetu, similar to those of the Asua pygmies with whom the tribe had relations. The latter varied according to circumstances. The fan-shaped hairstyle was worn by the Mangbetu: from an early age, children were subjected to compression of the skull by means of raffia ties. Later, the Mangbetu would "knit" their hair on wicker strands and apply a headband to the forehead in order to extract the hair and produce this particular hairstyle which accentuates the lengthening of the head. Established in the forest in northeastern Zaire, between Bomokandi and the Uele River, the Mangbetu Kingdom expressed itself through architectural works that fascinated European visitors in the 19th century. Several groups established in the south of the Uele were placed under the authority of the Mangbetu kingdom as early as 1820: Bangaba, Makere, Mamvu, etc... An abundance of prestigious objects, as well as utilitarian objects, were produced for the dignitaries.  

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Originex-collection allemande
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