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Mask Batcham Msop / Tsemabu (N° 16448)

The first African mask of its kind to be discovered in Batcham in the Grasslands Cameroon, this sacred African mask was mistakenly called Batcham in tribal art. Several chiefdoms had these important masks that made up the royal treasure. However, only one copy was used. It was linked to the activities of the secret society called according to the regions msop or tsemabu, and to which also belonged the king also called fon. The Fon was the guarantor of soil fertility and the protection of its subjects; it was not considered fatal. This copy is a miniature replica of the large royal mask, with a horizontal nose with large dilated nostrils and whose high flat forehead evokes the back of a seat. The circular base is engraved with embossed motifs evoking cauris, surmounted by a large mouth revealing a row of regular teeth. Dull light brown skate. Abrasions.  

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African art - Mask Batcham Msop / Tsemabu
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