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Mask Dan Déanglé (N° 18840)

African tribal mask with regular features, whose lozenge-like mouth evoking pulpy lips is a constant of dan masks, and whose slit eyes belong to the type deangled . He is adorned here with a hairstyle of thick braided raffia, and rows of cowries on the contours of the chin. The headdress is also curved with a fabric bead. Dark granular patina, locally satin, with golden reflections. For the Dan, or Yacouba, living in the west of the Ivory Coast and in Liberia, the "dü" force that would animate the world would manifest itself in the sculpted masks. It is in this way that she would seek to bring knowledge to man in order to support him, using the channel of dreams beforehand. The spirits would then indicate how to name the mask they wish to see made. These different types of masks have social, spiritual and political functions, often changing over time.  

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Originex-collection française
Countrycôte d'ivoire
Material(s)wood, raphia, cauris
Weight0.74 Kg
Estimated dating2ème halfxx°
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African art - Mask Dan Déanglé
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