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Mask Dan Zapkei or Gunye ge (N° 17622)

Among the most emblematic African masks, this type of mask stood out among the eleven types of dan masks (Fisher and Himmelheber) thanks to its circularly hollowed-out eyes to allow for better vision. These masks, named gunye ge 'race masks', oval-faced, slightly concave centre, were produced by the northern Dan and intended to participate in the race events. The zapkei intervene to prevent the spread of domestic fires during dry seasons. Armed with a wand, they threaten unwary women and confiscate an object as a fine. Some of these masks, the go ge, with a particularly sophisticated braided headdress, were only exceptionally used.

restal satinpatine. Many erosions.
Magic Body of Dan Farmers of Northwestern Côte d'Ivoire known as Yacouba, he also sometimes meets as a messenger at the time of circumcision of young boys. Some of the Dan's masks, by their neighbourhood with the Wé of Liberia (named Kran), in addition to the contribution of the tribes of Guinea, were marked by the influence of the latter. The functions of their various masks, eleven types according to Fisher (1978), can also evolve over time. All Dan masks are sacred. They do not represent the spirits of the bush but are these spirits.  

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African art - Mask Dan Zapkei or Gunye ge
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