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Mask Idoma Akweya (N° 12982)

Ex-French African art collection.
The Idoma , who are probably descendants of the Akopo, live at the confluence of Benué and Niger. There are 500,000 farmers and traders. Their art and customs include Igbo, Cross River and Igala influences and it is often difficult to distinguish them from their neighbours. The royal lineage members of their society oglinye , glorifying courage, use masks and crests during funerals and festivities. They also produce fertility statues with bleached faces and exhibiting incised teeth. Janiform crests are usually displayed at the funerals of notables. Members of the Kwompten men's society used statues named goemai as part of healing rituals. The anthropomorphic face masks of the group akweya , Akpa district also called Okua, occur mainly during funerals of notoriety. The Southern Idoma, like the Northern Igbo, use masks of this type, many of which were borrowed by the Bokyi. Our copy, bleached with kaolin, would be in the category ikpobi , intended for young men, and once linked to war ceremonies. Its distinctive features consist of the triple hair implantation curve, vertical scarifications and blackened mouth revealing teething. Here, two strips of ochre pigments - red mark the cheeks diagonally. (Ref. The other face, ed. Adam Biro; Arts of Nigeria , 5Continents)  

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African art - Mask Idoma Akweya
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