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Mask Mukisi a kukaya Luba Kifwebe (N° 17805)

Parallel, bleached engravings are dug on this luba mask depicting a rooster with a bifide beak. These lines would symbolize the stripes of the antelope, the galleries emrpunted by the founding spirits of the company Bukishi , or the labyrinth that the initiates must go through. The Bukishi is a society of social and judicial control. Desication cracks, abrasions. Patina polychrome mate.
This type of zoomorphic mask kifwebe (sg.: bifwebe) comes from the Luba Upemba established on the banks of the Lualaba and on the shores of Lake Upemba. They have carved figures and insignia of prestige, but also, like the Luba of the east, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic masks. These masks performed in various ceremonies: investitures, funerals, and rituals against witchcraft in the various initiation societies. In the eastern part of the Luba region, major rites are held in homage to the clan's ancestors, deceased chiefs, and the new moon. Offerings are then granted to the spirits of nature, intermediate between the group and the ancestors.  

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African art - Mask Mukisi a kukaya Luba Kifwebe
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