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Mask Senoufo Kpéllié, Kpeliye'e (N° 18168)

The African masks of the Sénufo are worn by male members of the Poro society, an institution that controls political and economic life. Preserved in the sacred enclosure named sezang fine to remove them from the eyes of the uninitiated, their function is to honor the elders or appear at funerals. Anthropomorphic masks would mainly drive the spirit of the deceased from his place of residence. Zoomorphic elements and human figures combine here in a narrow mask whose contours are lined with rows of pearls and lined with a textile hood. " Kpélié It is also worn during initiations symbolically marking a death followed by a rebirth. The mask is carved in dense wood, one of the lower fins is broken. Beautiful patina of use dark color, locally grainy.
Live in a reserved area, the sculptor sénufo , whose formation spanned seven years, began with the realization of everyday objects, and then, little by little, wore sculptures of increasing size. Initiation rituals complemented his learning.  

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African art - Mask Senoufo Kpéllié, Kpeliyee
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