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Mask Sogho / Vuvi (N° 14207)

Related to the African Okuyi masks of the Punu ethnic groups Shira tribes, African masks produced by peripheral groups, Vuvi, Galoa and Mitsogho , are also covered with white pigments aimed at apotropaic. Some, polychrome like our copy, sport colorful highlights. The slanted visor headdress, reminiscent of a hair fashion in the Shira group, was the front part of a hairstyle with shells. This mask offers a nose punctuated with perforations and a diamond mouth under which a grooved band evokes the scarifications of the ethnic group. The forehead is divided into two symbolic tones. A basket helmet, which is concealed by a fiber textile, is attached to the upper contours, bordered by a raffia braid extending sideways into two long mats.
The ethnic group Mitsogho is established in a forested area on the right bank of the Ngoumé River. The company Bwiti , which has a reliquary system comparable to that of the Fang and Kota, formed the cohesion of the mitsogho families. Their masks were displayed at the funeral, and stored in the men's initiation house ebanza . The Vuvi produced relatively comparable masks, influenced by the proximity of the Mitsogho.  

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Originex-collection Lagarde
Material(s)wood, plant fibre
Weight1.00 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1980
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African art - Mask Sogho / Vuvi
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