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Mask crest Karan Wemba Mossi (N° 16777)

Yatenga-style mask, topped with a feminine figure sculpted in round-bump, which constitutes the mossi equivalent of African masks " satimbe " of the Mali Dogon. This effigy of an ancestor, with a scarified body, is also supposed to commemorate the life of an elderly woman who has given birth to children and fulfilled her obligations to her in-laws. The statue embodying the ancestor or protective spirit of the clan rises behind the high horns of antelope extending the nasal ridge of the mask. The mask is decorated with light and dark geometric patterns. Cracks at the top but good general condition.
The sculptures of African art of the Bobo, Bwa, Kurumba and Mossi, living in Burkina Faso, frequently pick up and combine stylized elements borrowed from humans, animals or insects. It is the spirits of nature that are supposed to determine the well-being and prosperity of an individual, and adversity will be seen as the result of neglect of collective rites. It is therefore during different celebrations that the mask will personify a spirit of nature or that of an ancestor in order to influence the daily lives of members of the ethnic group. They appear to honor the dead during funeral rites, and to escort souls to the realm of the dead. They also occur at agricultural festivals in order to ensure the progression of the seasons, so during the initiation rites will they introduce young people to the responsibilities of adult life. Masks are the object of family pride, and therefore a way to enhance their prosperity and influence within the group. It is in a spirit of competition that everyone will seek to showcase the danced performance of his mask, and to highlight the ornamental motifs of his surface.  

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Originachat Pères Blancs en 1968 France
Countryburkina faso
Weight3.90 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°
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