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Mumuye mask (N° 22797)

Zoomorphic Mumuye Masks in African Tribal Art
This mask takes the form of an extended helmet of horns. Two large gaping pupils surmount a bifid "beak". African Mumuye masks were performed during ceremonies closing the initiatory periods of the " sons of va "' and during major events. Each group had a mask sculpted symbolizing its identity, buffalo, monkey, leopard, etc., which bore the name of va or vabou.

Matte age patina, burgundy highlights, crusty agglomerates. Small accidents.

The statuary emanating from the northwestern region of the middle Benoué, from the Kona Jukun, to the Mumuye and up to the Wurkun populations is distinguished by a relative absence of ornamentation and a refined stylization. The 100,000 Adamawa language speakers form a group called Mumuye and are grouped into villages, dola, divided into two groups: those of fire ( tjokwa ) relating to the blood and the color red , guardians of the cult vabong , among whom are elected the chiefs, and those of the water, ( tjozoza ), related to moisture and white color. It is from among the latter that the priests of the rain are chosen, initiates of the vadosong cult. To be used by the two Mumuye groups, the different colors of the same object of worship, mask or statue, are applied by each member of the corresponding group.  

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OriginEx-collection française
Height cm58
Width20 cm
Weight1.35 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1960
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