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Wawa Ogdobo Enyi Mask (N° 10606)

In prime art, African masks with very extensive stylization as is the case wawa masks. This type of African mask called ogbodo enyi which means in the tribal art 'spirit of the elephant', refers to the strength and endurance of the majestic pachyderm.
Thagated from its exceptional characteristics, the elephant is associated with a symbol of political and spiritual power.
These masks are recognizable by their atypical projection shapes. The top of the mask features an anthropomorphic head looking upwards. The room has retained a beautiful polychromy despite the effects of time and the remnants of xylophageal attacks now stopped.
These masks were worn only by men during annual festivities where they wore them on their heads and waved them on fast dances.  

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African art - Wawa Ogdobo Enyi Mask
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