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Coupe Agere Ifa Yoruba (N° 17512)

In the Yoruba pantheon, Orunmila is the deity of the which is consulted in case of problems through the divination ifà via the soothsayer babalawo (iyanifà for a woman). Intended to stand on the altar of the god, this sculpture consists of a cup that contained the sacred palm nuts and a rider figure. The character would embody Esu or Elegba , divine messenger who unites orisa to men. Cracks on the pot.
Centrée on the veneration of her gods, or orisà, the religion yoruba relies on artistic sculptures with coded messages ( aroko). They are designed by sculptors at the request of followers, soothsayers and their clients. These spirits are supposed to intercede with the supreme god Olodumare. The kingdoms of Oyo and Ijebu were born following the disappearance of the civilization Ifé and are still the basis of the political structure of the Yoruba. The Oyos created two cults centered on the societies Egungun and Sango, still active, who worship their gods, the Orisa, through ceremonies using masks, statuettes, sceptres and divine supports. (Source: Yoruba, B.Lawal, 5 continents)  

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Originex-collection suisse
Height cm53
Width22 cm
Weight3.70 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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