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Pair of rider Sao Sokoto in bronze (N° 14843)

Ex-collection Belgian African art.
More than an ethnic group, the Sao are a civilization that has now disappeared. Archaeological discoveries bear witness to a highly materially lavish civilization. Very well known for their bronze riders, there is a variant, the camel. An essential animal of the desert plains. Nothing is realistic in this figurine, everything must be understood symbolically. Among the Kotokos of Chad, it was intended for a cult of possession. According to Luc de Heusch, possession is one of the modes of approach to the sacred by means of bodily techniques leading to ecstasy". It can be interpreted as the intrusion into a man or woman of a spirit in search of a servant. A priest or soothsayer will have to intervene to help the possessed to suffer the daily presence of this spirit safely. These rites, especially the Bori cult, are found in the Kotoko, in the vast group of Hausa, despite their theoretical affiliation to the Isalam. Jacqueline Monfouga-Nicolas distinguishes the desired possibility from that suffered.' In the latter case, the follower will assume his duties as "jument". This ritual adornment can therefore be understood as the representation of a genius riding a mare that symbolizes the possessed. The amulet credited with therapeutic virtues was worn by the woman during a crisis of possession. Forms The goldsmith was able to perfectly render the contrast between the stiff body, straight on his saddle and dominating the genius rider pulling on the reins and the folded head of the obedient and passive mare. Orders her and she suffers. The goldsmith has shown great skill - all the more remarkable in relation to the smallness of the work (6 cm) - in order to visually express a notion as abstract as possession.1 City in Anne Stemm, African Religions, Paris, PUE "What do I know? U.0022, 1995, 63-64. 2. Ibid., 63-64.  

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