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Sao Bronze (N° 27090)

In African art, works inspired by Sao Sokoto are mainly influenced by the equestrian world.
Within the ethnic group, small examples of horsemen, generally made of bronze, are melted and worn as talismans, patinated and lustrous by friction. They are considered above all as a remedy to fight against possession by evil spirits. The horse represents the spirit of the person who is possessed, while the genius who possesses him is symbolized by the rider.
Subjected to successive attacks from their neighbors in Kanem then to hordes from the East, the Sao had to abandon their lands to settle in the North-West of Cameroon where they interbred with the natives thus giving birth to the Kotoko. More than an ethnic group, the Sao are a civilization that has now disappeared. They were found between the 12th and 14th centuries in a geographical area extending along the borders between Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria. This bronze, inspired by the most beautiful Sao creations, has a copper patina. The warriors represented on their mounts have their heads wrapped in a scarf identical to the Tuaregs.  

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OriginCollection privée belge
Material(s)alliages de bronze
Height cm12
Depth10 cm
Width3 cm
Weight0.34 Kg

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