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Sceptres Shango (N° 11182)

J.Putteners Private Collection.

The Oshe of the yoruba are used in ritual dances. These are carried in the left hand by the dancers. These figures represent the god of thunder and youth Shango, or Sango. The latter is the mythical ancestor of the kings of Oyo.
Sango was also the protector of the twins, whose occurrence was very common in the region.
Tha is a deity feared for its unpredictability. It is revered because it brings beneficial rains to crops. It is also attributed to him that women's fertility is attributed.

A kneeling figure forms the top of each of these royal insignia, one with a ritual offering cup, the second wearing a loincloth and holding a yam, a symbol of abundant harvests. Both sport the distinctive jugular scarifications of the ethnic group as well as their elongated caps.
The grip has endowed this bleached wood with a nice patina. Sleothed object.
The Yoruba society is very organized and has several associations whose roles vary. While the egbe male society reinforces social norms, the aro unites farmers. Gelede has more esoteric and religious aims. The notables come together in a society called esusu.  

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OriginCollection privée J. Putteners
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Estimated dating1980
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African art - Sceptres Shango
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