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African art - Shields:

Often made of wood the shields are always decorated with expressive motives in order to impress the adversary, or to appeal to the spirits.

Songye Sculpture
African art > African Shield > Songye Sculpture

Board carved with a central motif in relief repeating the theme of the kifwebe masquerade. A striated decoration alternates in two colors on the surface. This type of symbolic object was the property of kifwbe members. Erosions.
The Songye sculptor had a high status within the bwadi society and also produced various ceremonial objects, but also for daily use, cups, mortars, canes, etc... Also practiced by the Luba, the cult bwadi bwa kifwebe ("mask" in Songye) acted as a secret police in favor of power, in order to control individuals through magic. Worn with a costume and a long beard made of natural fibers, Kifwebe masks also appeared during crucial stages of initiation ceremonies, at the new moon. The novice had to pass between the legs of the masked initiator of male ...

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