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Adan Figure (N° 22287)

Fetish statuette depending on the Vodou cult, treated in rectilinear planes. Arms and legs are apart, parallel, the quadrangular bust evokes vigor. The protruding forehead houses a face in flat volume incised with geometric lines.
Pinkish beige patina.
Established near the coast of West Africa, in the Couffo in Benin and in the Moyen-Mono in Togo around the ex. capital of the ancient kingdom of Tado, the small ethnic group Ada , Adan , or Adja , Aja, is mainly composed of peasants. The Ewe and the Fons, from Tado, share traditions similar to those of their Ada neighbours.
The Ewe, often confused with the Minas, are Togo's largest ethnic group. They are also found as minorities in Ghana, Benin, Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria. According to Hélène Joubert, the cults rendered to the Yoruba gods, the orisha, and those of the voodoo,vodun gods, as well as their religious structure, would be comparable in many respects.  

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OriginEx. collection Renaux France
Height cm22
Width5 cm
Weight0.06 Kg
Socle includedYes

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