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Banda figure (N° 20934)

Made by the Mbanza or Banja, cousins of the Ngbaka in Ubangi, this carved figure has a massive head with a flat skull, surmounting a stocky body. Its functions are similar to those of the Ngbaka, as part of therapeutic rites or in preparation before hunts. Black oiled patina.
Abrasions. The Ubangian crucible produced many statuettes that share certain similarities, such as a heart-shaped face, as in the Ogooué River region of Gabon. The Ngbaka form a homogeneous people of northwestern D.R.C., south of the Ubangui. The Ngandi live to the east and the Ngombe to the south. The banda group, composed of about fifty subgroups, has dispersed to Sudan, southern Chad, the Central African Republic, and northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo. It has various initiation associations dedicated to spirits and uses sculptures. Banda sculptural traditions have influenced the ubangui, Zande, Ngbandi, Ngbaka ethnic groups....
Ref : "Art of Sub-saharan Africa" C. Mullen Kreamer; "Ubangi "JL Grootaers, Fonds Mercator. Ref : "Art of Sub-saharan Africa" C. Mullen Kreamer.  

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Originex-collection italienne
Countryrdc ex zaire
Material(s)wood, perles
Height cm26
Width11 cm
Weight0.70 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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