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Carrier of cup Yoruba (N° 8916)

The Yoruba in African art.

Once again, this Yoruba cutting carrier is different from conventional carriers. We find on this piece some characteristics of Epa masks, focused in verticality. Indeed, on the thin circular base rest four small characters cariatidiques whose head supports another plateau. On the latter, the priestess is classically kneeling and presents as an offering an open cup. She wears on her head a complex and worked headdress consisting of two janiform heads with crenellated rings. The polychrome has been well preserved throughout the room and there are some constants like the globular eyes in coffee beans as well as the facial scars that recall the claw stroke of the mythical animal. Yoruba society is very organized and has several associations whose roles vary. While the egbe men's society strengthens social norms, the aro federates farmers. The freeze has more esoteric and religious aims. Notables meet in a society called esusu.The Yoruba claim that about 400 deities play an important role in their daily lives. Most are represented by sculptures.  


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Estimated datingcirca 1970

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