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Cavalier Yoruba Sango (N° 14075)

Representations of horsemen are very common in The African Yoruba Art, and for good reason, it is the central theme of history called "The Death and The Cavalier of The King".
This fiction tells the funeral of the late King of Oyo, a former African state founded in the 15th century, neighbor of the kingdom of Dahomey, and the tradition that his rider, Elesin, must commit suicide within thirty days of the death of the king in order to follow Yoruba religious dogma. The death of the rider is indeed intended to guarantee the king a safe drive to his new home.
Elesin, a simple man enjoying life, is given a mission he does not want and ends up disappointing the Yoruba people who place high expectations in him.

It was this myth that inspired the sculptor to make this piece. It has certain elements and constant characteristics such as a mount of different proportions than those of the rider. The horse here has an imposing head and a rather small body. Elesin stands proudly on his horse, with a power stick in his hand.
The typical Yoruba facies have wide eyes and a detailed beard. The room is covered with a thick crusty patina, garnet and dark grey.  

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Originex collection art africain belge
Height cm48
Width13 cm
Weight1.95 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1960

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