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Chokwe Altar Figure (N° 16572)

This tribal sculpture glorifies the spiritual and physical power, qualities of the hunter, through the representation of the founding hero of the ethnic group, Chibinda Ilunga, leader and mythical hero Chibinda Ilunga, founder of the Chokwé ethnic group. Easily recognisable thanks to its ample curved side winged headdress (cipenya-mutwe), made up of various materials, specifically a wicker frame covered with fabric, brass, leather, beads. The oversized chief had taught his people the art of hunting. The chiefs had a major function in the propitiation rites intended for the hunting and fertility of women, the objects being adorned with this figure having a protective function. Sitting naked on a pachyderm, the character recalls his privilege on the proceeds of hunting. Indeed, before colonization, the chief perceived half of the elephant tusks hunted on his territory. He is surrounded by his subjects, auxiliary spirits hamba or even descendants. Locally chipped polychrome patina.  

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African art - Chokwe Altar Figure
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