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Couple of statues Baoulé Asiè Usu (N° 12562)

The "geniuses of nature" in African art
Two types of statues are produced by the Baoulé in the ritual setting: The statues Waka-Sona , " being wood " in baoulé, evoke a assou soussou , be earth. They are part of a type of statues intended to be used as a medium tool by the komien soothsayers, the latter being selected by the spirits asye usu in order to communicate the revelations of the afterlife. When it comes to the representation of a couple, despite their characteristics comparable to the baoulé statues of mystical spouses, the effigies of baoulé couple still belong to the category of asiè usu or geniuss of nature . The second type of statues are the spouses of the afterlife, male, the Blolo bian or feminine, the blolo bia . The masculine effigy has a braided beard that the Baoulé smeared with shea butter in order to stiffen it. The hairstyles that end in two small side duvets are finely braided and then grouped into shells, the bodies dotted with scarifications. Fine pearl necklaces adorn the necks and highlight the arch of the hips and the shape of the calves in women. A remarkable formal balance unquestionably distinguishes these sculptures of baoulé tribal art. Some 60 ethnic groups populate Côte d'Ivoire, including the Baoulé in the centre, Akans from Ghana, a people of the savannah, hunting and farming, as well as the Gouro from whom they borrowed the cults and masks. (Baule, A.M. Boyer) Mercier Collection:
Mr. Jean-Charles Mercier, a company director, decided to part with his first art collection. It was his grandfather, Guy Mercier, who started it at the beginning of the 20th century. A consultant for the Solvay Group, he has spread throughout West and Central Africa as part of his work. Although he collected in-situ works, the majority of his collection grew from \  

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Originex-collection JC Mercier
Countrycôte d'ivoire
Material(s)wood, perles
Weight4.00 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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African art - Couple of statues Baoulé Asiè Usu
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