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Couple of statues Deblé Senoufo (N° 14275)

These figurative tribal statues named in the secret language of the Poro Debele , Deblé ("battes at a rhythm"), sometimes referred to as " child of poro " (Pon pia) or " spirit of the bush " (denge, or madengo). intervened in pairs during funeral processions or in ceremonies marking the end of initiation rites. The initiates of the society of the Poro , training the boys from the age of 7, wore them and hammered the ground by the pestle called " sedine " or " dol " according to the dialect, with rhythm, and to the sound of drums , opening and closing the door. The Senoufo of the centre, on the other hand, place them in the middle of the ceremonial circle. Then stored in a pen, sézing, they were supposed to protect these young initiates. These statues were mostly made in imputrescible wood. Living in a reserved neighbourhood, the sculptor Senufo , whose training spanned seven years, began with the making of everyday objects, and then, little by little, carried sculptures of increasing size. Initiatory rituals complemented his learning.
Figures of torque represented in standing position, their hieratic character results in fluid, long curves. The harmonious balance of shapes and the softness of the models are magnified by the black patina, deep, slightly satin. Their adornments consist of a talisman necklace, bracelets, distinctive tribal incisions, and crests highlighting their shaved heads. The cracked bases attest to a burial. Fingerprints of xylophages now eradicated. Ref. In: "Massa and the statues of the Poro" B. Gottschalk; "Black African Tribal Art" Bacquart; U.0022Africa" ed. Mr. Prestel.  

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