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Dan Lemei Liberia Statue (N° 13361)

Ex-French African art collection.
Gifts of women, food, festive ceremonies and honorable status once rewarded sculptors to whom this talent was bestowed during a dream. The latter was the means of communication of Du , an invisible spiritual power, with men. The rare statuary played a prestigious role with its holder. These are mainly effigies of wives, lm , wooden human beings. These are not incarnations of spirits or effigies of ancestors, but prestigious figures representing living people, often commissioned by the chiefs, whose statues will bear the names. They are placed in miniature boxes built for this purpose. Velvety dark brown patina. For the Dan of Côte d'Ivoire, also called Yacouba, two distinct universes are opposed: that of the village, composed of its inhabitants, its animals, and that of the forest, its vegetation and the animals and spirits that populate it. For these spirits to establish themselves, a specific area of the forest is designated and still preserved outside the dan villages. Sacrifices are also required in order to communicate through these spirits.  


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Originex-collection Calbanen
Countrycôte d'ivoire
Weight2.70 Kg

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African art - Dan Lemei Liberia Statue
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