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Ewe fetish statuette (N° 14903)

In Togo, fetishes are part of beneficial or evil rituals according to the intentions of their owner. Fetishists make them to order to offer protective and medicinal virtues but also offer more conventional ready-to-use versions.
These practices are still in use today are sometimes decried and considered animistic and overgone in the age of Christianization and Islamization. Nevertheless, people tend to maintain animist practices despite their conversion to the great monotheistic religions, both beliefs influencing each other.

The Ewe, often confused with the Minas, are the most important ethnic group in Togo. They are also found as minorities in Ghana, Benin, Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria. Although little historical information is available about them, it seems that their location in their present location is the result of invasions and conflicts that erupted during the 17th century. This female figure in the frontal position, naked, presents a basket topped with small bones that belt a rope. A blackish patina covers the object. Desication cracks.  

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