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Female figure Koulango (N° 19649)

Ex-collection French African art.
.A stretched neck gracefully supports the head of this koulango statue. The physiognomy is meditative, marked by wide lowered eyelids. The lozenge-shaped navel, evocative of the lineage, is enhanced by the scarified motifs. Necklaces of pearls indicate the status of the character. Matt brown patina coated with clay libations. Cracks of dessication.

Named Pakhalla by the Dioula, the Koulango formed the Loron in the Voltaic territory. The Dagomba chiefs of the kingdom of Bouna would then have qualified them as " Koulam " (singular: koulango , subject, vassal). Their complex history engendered a no less complex culture. It is between Burkina Faso and Comoé, in the northeast of the Ivory Coast, that their territory extends. Of animist fetishist religion, they address their ancestors and the spirits of nature through sculptures in which the souls of these spirits are supposed to reside.  

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OriginEx-collection française
Countryburkina faso
Material(s)wood, perles
Weight3.75 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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African art - Female figure Koulango
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