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Fertility statuette Lwena (N° 17602)

Female figure associated with the mythical female ancestor, and which would intervene on human fertility and land fertility. The face forms a miniature replica of the powerful mask mukishi wa pwo nyi cijingo ca tangwa wearing the kambu ja tota. Chokwe and Their Bantu Neighbours Rodrigues de Areia.) golden clear patine. Shard on the mouth.
bred in Lunda, the Lwena , Luena, emigrated from Angola to Zaire in the 19th century, repelled by the Chokwe. When some became slave traders, others, the Lovale, found refuge in Zambia. Their society is matrilineal, exogamous and polygamous. The Lwena became known for their sculptures depicting figures of deceased ancestors and chiefs, and their masks related to the initiation rites of the mukanda . Their sculpture was largely influenced by that of the Chokwe.  

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Originex-collection belge
EthnyLwena, Luena
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Estimated dating2ème halfxx°

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African art - Fertility statuette Lwena
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