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Figure de couple Kanyok (N° 19254)

The figures with scarified busts are embraced, faces close together, the woman sitting on the thighs of her husband. Dark brown oiled patina, clear residual incrustations. Fine cracks located on the feet. Restoration on one thigh. br> Living in the east of the Luba kingdom on the banks of the Mbujimayi river, and having adopted a part of the Luba culture, the Kanyok, Kanioc, or Bena Kanioka, created prestigious objects, water pipes, neck rests, sticks, and stools, and are especially famous for statuettes represented in different postures, made of dark wood and wearing bun headdresses. According to the kanyok religion, the human being is composed of three sets: body, soul and spirit. They believe in a supreme being named Tang a Ngoy. The initiation of young people traditionally included, in addition to circumcision, the filing of teeth.  

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African art - Figure de couple Kanyok
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