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Figure de divination Senoufo (N° 16385)

A rich artistic tradition has manifested itself in the Senoufo through various masks, anthropomorphic sculptures, everyday objects and statuettes embodying the spirits of nature or divination. The latter benefited from sacrificial libations based on palm oil. During the rites of the Poro society, the leaders of the initiates also used bird statues, some of which were large- This bird figure takes sober and tapered shapes, the head and beak have been brushed with white clay. The object rests on a pedestal. Mate patina, dry.
The Senoufo, a name given to them by French settlers, are mostly made up of farmers who have dispersed between Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, and Burkina Faso. The councils of elders, led by an elected chief, administer the Senoufo villages. Governed by matrilineal traditions, they are composed of clusters of dwellings named katiolo . Each of them has its own association Poro which introduces young boys from the age of seven in a succession of three cycles lasting seven years. They gather in a sacred enclosure called sinzanga located near the village, among the trees.  

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