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Kabwelulu Luba Figure (N° 12313)

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Considered as a "bankishi" ", this tribal statue would be endowed with powerful magical and apotropaic powers in Luba culture. These objects come in different forms, including this female figure fixed from the bust in a calabash whose base is recessed and rests on a wicker strapping. The headdress of the character, consisting of a diadem and braided bun worn in the neck, evokes the hairstyles of women Luba in the early twentieth century. Her position, hands near the breasts, reminds that the secrets of royalty belong to women through their role as political and spiritual intermediary. Her abdomen is carved with diamond patterns, essential criteria of beauty. A cord of vegetable fibers, rolled on the top of the fruit, forms a loincloth in the figure which surmounts it. A fringe of fledgling feathers also garnishes its periphery. This object was used in the part of the Bugabo association, linked to hunting, healing and combat. It was customary, during rituals, to fill the calabash with magical ingredients in order to strengthen its power. (Luba, Roberts) Desiccation cracks, medial breakage of the calabash under wicker weaving.  

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OriginCollection Baraldi - Galerie " African Memories"Milano Italie
Material(s)wood, plumes, plant fibre
Weight0.16 Kg
Estimated datingmid xx e

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African art - Kabwelulu Luba Figure
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