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Kongo ancestor figure (N° 19591)

Fertility and descent, central themes of African cultures, are addressed through this maternity or phemba. This statue of a woman could indeed embody the symbol of the mythical ancestor linked to fertility cults. The figure is represented standing, surrounded by figurines symbolizing the history of the clan and its myths. On the back, a glass hole probably has a magical charge, bilongo. Scarifications decorate the shoulders of the ancestor. These notches, made with needles, knives and razors, were then coated with coal or ashes to accelerate healing and form prominent patterns
. Desiccation cracks.
The Solongo cultures of Angola and Yombé were largely influenced by the Kongo kingdom from which they borrowed naturalist statuary and religious rites through carved fetishes. The Yombé are a sub-group of the Kongo ethnic group.

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