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Kongo statue (N° 23431)

Animal figure collected in the Democratic Republic of Congo. More precise data of its origin have not been communicated to us. Orange-brown patina, minimal desication cracks.
The Vili, the Lâri, the Sûndi, the Woyo, the Bembe, the Bwende, the Yombé and the Kôngo constituted the Kôngo group, led by King Ntotela. Their kingdom reached its peak in the 16th century with the trade in ivory, copper and the slave trade. With the same beliefs and traditions, they produced a statuary endowed with a codified gesture in relation to their vision of the world. "...long categorized as vengeful spirits...their function is much more ambivalent.  


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Originex-collection belge
Countryrdc ex zaire
Height cm38
Width14 cm
Weight1.30 Kg

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