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Koulango tutelary statuette (N° 13705)

African art Koulango.
This female effigy, goddess or ancestor, features parallel tribal scarifications dotted along the bust, chest and stretched neck. The prominent navel, evocative of lineage and fertility, is advantaged by the incisions in "soleil" that surround it. The meditative face is capped with a high pointed cap whose scales could represent those of the pangolin, animal totem. A prestigious brand, the different necklaces underline its shapes. Satin Pakhalla by the Dioula, the Koulango formed the Loron in the Voltaic territory. The chiefs Dagomba of the Kingdom of Bouna would then have called them " Koulam " (singular: koulango , subject, vassal). Their complex history has spawned a culture no less complex. It is between Burkina Faso and Comoé, in the north-east of Côte d'Ivoire, that their territory extends. An imist fetishistic religion, they address their ancestors and the spirits of nature through sculptures in which the soul of these spirits are supposed to reside.  

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Originrécoltée in-situ
Countrycôte d'ivoire
Material(s)wood, perles
Weight0.70 Kg
Estimated datingcontemporaine

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African art - Koulango tutelary statuette
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