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Lega Katanda/Kasangala statue (N° 20210)

The anthropomorphic sculptures with arms raised above the head would evoke according to Cameron the one who settled a conflict by his arbitration.
These figures are called kasangala .
At the same time, the object has a bust perforated with several holes, referring to the destructive work of a mat by red ants, also related to laziness and sexual debauchery. These objects are called Katanda. The face is coated with flaked kaolin.
Velvety patina locally> This type of tribal art statuette was kept in the basket of the high ranking members of the Bwami , a secret society admitting men and their wives , and governing social life . This organization was subdivided into initiatory stages, the highest being the Kindi. The statuettes were used during the initiation of the aspirants, cleaned and oiled. Each one has a particular aspect and meaning from which a moral or a dogma is always derived. The particularity of the Lega, contrary to other ethnic groups, is to judge the quality of their ritual objects according to their efficiency. Source: "Art of the Lega" E.L. Cameron; "L'âme de l'Afrique" S. Diakonoff.  

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