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Lobi statue (N° 22499)

A bateba or lineage ancestor rises from a stake fragment whose base is ravined. The bust carried by semi-flexed legs tilts backwards, making the abdomen bulge on which the hands rest. The massive head, with horizontal features, bears a thick crest associated with the cult type.
Thick greyish patina with ocher residues. Desication cracks.
The populations of the same cultural region, grouped together under the name "lobi", form a fifth of the inhabitants of Burkina Faso. Few in number in Ghana, some of them also live in northern Côte d'Ivoire. It was at the end of the 18th century that the Lobi, coming from Northern Ghana, settled among the indigenous Thuna and Puguli, the Dagara, the Dian, the Gan and the Birifor. The Lobi believe in a Creator God named Thangba Thu, to whom they address themselves through the worship of numerous intermediate spirits, the Thil, the latter being supposed to protect them, with the help of the diviner, against a myriad of plagues. Bush geniuses, red-haired beings called Kontuor, are also supposed to come to their aid. To communicate with men, the different Thils demand bateba sculptures in order to embody them. Various sacred altars are erected around the Lobi houses.
Ref. : "Lobi" D. Bognolo - ed. "5Continents".  

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OriginCollection Patrick Malisse
Countryburkina faso
Height cm88
Width14 cm
Weight4.55 Kg
Socle includedYes

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