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Mbala figure (N° 22592)

Sacred Badge of Authority (Pindi), the sculpted figure of the drummer. The musician's headdress is reminiscent of the mukote headdress which, among the Western Pende with whom the Mbala shared mukanda circumcision rituals, became a symbol of the struggle against colonization at the beginning of the 20th century ("Congo Masks", ed. M.L. Félix, p.114)

This figure of a musician, mbundi-ngoma, accompanied by a statue of maternity, was part of the pair of iconic sculptures pindi attributed to the chief Mbala during his enthronement. Following a retreat of a few days, the royal insignia and charms were attributed to him, intended to fight the powers opposing hunting, social peace, and harvests. Light wood, matte. Desication cracks, lack on the back of the headdress.

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Originex-collection française
Countryrdc ex zaire
Height cm32
Width10 cm
Weight0.45 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°
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