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Monkey Baoule Gbekre (N° 10755)

Former private Italian collection of African art E. Recupero.

The Gbekre are a particular type of statues found exclusively in the Baoulé statuary. Although most are representations of monkeys, there are a few rare exceptions where the character is human.
The body is nevertheless generally anthropomorphic, the head being simiesque.
Here are certain constants such as the lower part of the face in projection, visible teeth and expressive faces, as well as a crenellated dorsal crest. The character holds either a receptre or an egg in the palm of his hands as is the case here.

According to Delafosse, a director at the beginning of the 20th century, the Baoulé society was exceptionally egalitarian. Indeed, it was characterized by a great tolerance, a disregard for rigid political and social structures and an extreme individualism. Moreover, the social system had no secret association or society, or initiation rites or other system of prioritization of individuals on the basis of any criteria. Delafosse adds that Baoulé society lives in a state of perfect anarchy tempered by traditions, customs and common sense".  

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OriginCollection italienne Recupero
Countrycôte d'ivoire
Weight2.90 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1965

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African art - Monkey Baoule Gbekre
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