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Montol Komtin statue (N° 21718)

The face turned towards the sky, the attentive physiognomy, the powerful rounded shoulders extended by long folded arms. The latter carry thick fingered hands framing a hooked umbilicus. The tubular bust is carried by wide z-shaped legs. The posture seems to express the hope of divine intervention.
The Goemai, Tarok, (who name their healing society Kwompten), and the Ngas, of central Nigeria make use of similar statues, often more schematic.

Dark velvety patina, Desiccation cracks.
It was during healing rites, or even divination of the origins of diseases, that this sculpture played a major role for members of Komtin male society. The stocky morphology of the montol statues comes in broad shoulders, a narrow bust, thick and reduced legs. The head is generally spherical, the features sketchy. The Montol kept the sculptures for community use in the "dodos", thatched-roof huts decorated with trophy skulls, where they were used in worship following ritual libations.

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