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Oracle de divination Luba / Songye Katatora (N° 19050)

This African sculpture is a tool that was used by the diviner during divination rituals in order to establish, according to him, contact with the ancestors. Including the category of objects nkisi , nkishi , it is supposed to be endowed with a secret power, receptacle of spiritual energy. The Luba, like their Songye neighbors, use this type of objects related to divination, called kashekesheke, named katatora and lubuko. According to François Neyt, the object was carved in a wood ( kibekwasa )with magical properties. During the interview, the ring was caught by the diviner and his client, who would slide it on a mat or a headrest in response to the questions asked ( producing the sound "kashekesheke", "extraction of truth"). The figurative motif here is a miniature of the female mask kifwebe from the mask society bwadi ka bifwebe. Originally, the horn at the top was supposed to be filled with a magical charge. Golden brown satin> The Luba, or Baluba in Tchiluba, are a people of Central Africa. Their cradle is Katanga, more precisely the region of the Lubu river, so the name (Baluba, which means "the Lubas"). They were born from a secession of the Songhoy ethnic group, under the leadership of Ilunga Kalala, who had the old king Kongolo, venerated since then in the form of a python, die. Sculpture by the Luba of Kasai was subject to the influence of the neighboring Songye, making it difficult to attribute this object precisely to the Songye or the Luba, despite the resemblance of the carved motif to the Songye masks of the kifwebe. Source: "Luba, Roberts".  

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Originex-collection Ghisolfi
Countryrdc ex zaire
Material(s)wood, corne animale
Weight0.20 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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African art - Oracle de divination Luba / Songye Katatora
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