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Pende Figure (N° 11284)

Rare piece from a collection of Belgian African art.
This african statue of an ancestor with well-preserved polychromy, whose face consists of the famous mask giphogo kipoko of the Eastern Pendé, with a tubular nose in the middle of wide orbits, large, wide-spread ears and a chin strap with geometric patterns.
The character stands, belly bulging, on a small round base. This attitude of prominent navel enhancement is recurrent in African statuary, symbolizing heredity, lineage, knowledge.
The whole body is decorated with alternating stripes made with white, red and black pigments, a reminder of the colors present on the mask.
Reparations on the torso.
The Pende is generally distinguished from the East (Kasai) or the West (Kwilu). There is a wide variety of Pende statues and masks (at least sixty) often anthropomorphic but sometimes also zoomorphic.
The style of the West Pendé, that of the kwilu, is characterized by the heavy eyelid mbuya masks, a continuous line of eyebrows, bulging forehead, upturned nose and drooping mouth. These masks depict the various characters of the villagers. There are about 20 of them in this category. Some important mbuya masks are used during healing rites. Among the Pendé, artists are recognized as having mysterious gifts. As a result, they enjoy a high status in society. the kiwoyo of the western hangers, from the katundu region is the so-called mask of the victorious hunter. It is characterized by a decorated extension of the base of the chin. Hanging masks are used during the closing ceremonies of the initiation schools. Twenty masked characters represent heroes, animals, village notables. They dance in turn, out of sight of women.  


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Originex-collection belge
Weight2.41 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1950

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