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Punu / Lumbo Tambourine Figure (N° 17226)

Aimed at the cult of matrilineal ancestors, this sculpture of African art of Punu origin, or Lumbu, featuring a woman playing drums or djembe, has a graceful braided hairstyle forming a helmet. The traditional scarifications of 'mabinda' are inscribed in relief on the face and bust. These diamond-arranged checkerboard patterns were incised on the skin as early as adolescence. Traditionally guarantors of the well-being of the community in punu culture, the spirits of water, established in various places of nature, are incarnated in women and will then express themselves through them. Their manifestation results in trances of possession.

The Punu are a Bantu people from Central Africa based mainly in southern Gabon, also in the Republic of Congo in the Niari region. They live in independent villages divided into clans and families. Social cohesion is ensured by the Moukouji society, whose essential role is to subjugate the evil spirits of the forest.  

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