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Punu Tutelary Figure (N° 11847)

This Figure of African Art of Punu origin features a hairstyle consisting of a double padded top shell extending into the nape of the neck and accompanied laterally by two duvets. An oval face with a pointed chin has classic features. On the bust of the motifs depicting the checkered keloids extend from the chest to the protruding umbilical. These checkerboard scarifications were engraved on the skin of teenagers.
Dedicated to the worship of ancestors, to the rites of healing or divination, she shares with the Kongo a peculiarity that consisted of introducing magical ingredients into a deep hole pierced for this purpose in the headdress.
The Punu are a Bantu people from Central Africa settled mainly in southern Gabon, also in the Republic of Congo in the Niari region. They live in independent villages divided into clans and families. Social cohesion is ensured by the Moukouji society, whose essential role is to subjugate the evil spirits of the forest.
Lacks and erosions. Exceptionally satin smooth patina with pink beige highlights. Crusty residues of kaolin applications. Object comes with removable base.  


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OriginCollection privée Saverio
Weight2.20 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1940
Socle includedYes

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African art - Punu Tutelary Figure
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