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Ritual figure Tiv (N° 18381)

An unusual assemblage of skeleton figures, skulls, and a pangolin motif, this sculpture illustrates a certain burial statuary of the Tiv people, which is poorly documented. Dark semi-satin patina.
Widen slot on the top side.

Seed people with varied traditions have settled in the savannah north of the Niger and Benué rivers. The Tiv are made up of farmers living on the banks of the left bank of the Benué. Their statues are of two types: of a naturalistic type, these figures take the form of posts of boxes filed in the ground. The seconds, called ihambé , associated with fertility, feature seated characters. They also carved works of the type çi-contre, combining skull motifs and skeletons.
As throughout their history and migrations, the Tiv have been influenced by their contacts with other ethnic groups, especially the Chamba, Fulani and Jukun.Il is a people with beliefs centered on witchcraft. Their mbatsav sorcerers enjoy great power in society. In order to protect themselves families use fetishes akombo, atsuku, or ihambe statues.
Ref.: The Tribal Art of Black Africa Ed. Assouline  

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