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Sceptre Zombo/ Nkanu (N° 16851)

Among the Yaka, Eastern Kongo, Nkanu and Zombo, the sound of the drum covered the moans of circumcision, drove out malevolent spirits, and encouraged future initiates. This scepter is sculpted from a tambourine figure, the eyes are surrounded by deep orbits and the nose slightly upturned. Break can't be seen on one leg. Glossy patina, red ochre residue.
High on a base: 35 cm.
Voisins of the Yaka and Kongo in the west of the former Zaire, the Zombo fear, like the Kongo clans, the god named Nzambi. Their soothsayers use fetishes similar to those of the Kongo, but the ceremonies associated with the initiation rites stem from Yaka traditions. Fetish sculptures are used by ngangas to protect against evil, heal or cause luck, wealth and fertility. Their art is very similar to that of the Nkanu.  

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Originacquis en salle de vente Paris 1980 Mercier
Countryrdc ex zaire
Material(s)wood, perles
Weight0.10 Kg
Estimated datingdébut xx°
Socle includedYes

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African art - Sceptre Zombo/ Nkanu
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