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Statue Bambara (N° 11485)

The arrangement of the conical forms of this effigy of African art Bambara constitutes a remarkable formal balance. Its meditative appearance reminds us that it is the receptacle of spiritual forces. Marked with linear scarifications on the face and bust, it is styled in the manner of bambara men and women with a summit crest extending to the palms of the shoulders, and two thick side braids. Supported by fleshy and flexed lower limbs, it is also an evocation of fertility accentuated by the bulging abdomen with prominent navel. The gluteal and hips form a salient half hemisphere on which the hands rest.
Guan followers washed and oiled some of these statues and offered sacrifices, as did the Dyo and Kwore companies, which exhibited another type at the closing sets of the initiation ceremonies.
Fat and grainy patina, with iridescent reflections on the face in particular.

We find the Bambara, Bamana, in central and southern Mali. This name means "inunbeliever" and was given to them by Muslims. They belong to the large Mande group, like the Soninke and Malinke. They believe in the existence of a creator god generically called Ngala, who has 266 sacred attributes. One, every day of the 9 lunar months that lasts the gestation of a child. Ngala maintains the order of the universe. His existence coexists with another androgynous god called Faro, who gave all the qualities to men and who grows the fruits of the earth  


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African art - Statue Bambara
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